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The role of education in Human Resource Development is immense. It not only helps you get through interviews and get jobs, but they also help in shaping how we think and process things.

Education is one of the most important things in social change and it has been proved time and again. It is undoubtedly a major agency of socialization. In this regard, teachers and educational institutions act as socializing agents.

The role of education cannot be denied and here, teachers play a very important role when it comes to motivating aspiring children.

Social reformers over ages have time and again proved the value of education by helping the society remove various practices such as cate restrictions, inequality of women, etc. Without knowledge, a person is not complete.

He/she gets lost in the darkness of ignorance. Without education and enlightenment, one cannot contribute to society at all.

Education has been used to bring in modernization and it was emphasized from the 1960s and 1970s onwards.

Without education, there wouldn’t have been any change in society, which includes doing away with social evil customs and practices. From agriculture and other occupations to the adoption of scientific technology in the industry, education has helped in achieving goals for every country and every society.


Some of the major factors that drive education are productive economies, thirst for knowledge, questions arising in the minds of people as they take up jobs, people partaking in decision making, etc. Education has helped modernization in more ways than one. In other words, the requirement for education is not for an individual.

In fact, it arises out of the requirements of society. In a changing society, education and the role of education keep on changing from generation to generation. The relationship between the educational system and society is neutral.

While society influences the educational systems at certain times; at other times, the educational system influences changes in society.

  • Education of women: The national policy on education, 1986 emphasizes education for females so that women can achieve equality. This obviously developed new values and society has started respecting women altogether.

    This was made to remove woman’s illiteracy and removing obstacles so that they can access education easily. Women now can take part in vocational, technical, and professional courses without any kind of hindrance.

  • Education of backward classes: Education is surely related to the development of the community as well as the individual. In India, education has played a vital role for centuries now. The best part about the evolvement is that now weaker sections have access to higher education.

    The rate of illiteracy and social backwardness has decreased over the years. However, we should not forget history where they have been exploited and harassed due to lack of education.

  • Role of Education in Human Resource Development: Education shapes our present actions, influences our future plans as well as has an impact on our past history. It is important so that individuals can reach their goals and achievements. Education and Human Development are co-related.

  • The role of education in human capital formation: An educated society will obviously crave for development while an illiterate one will be satisfied with whatever they have.

    Education boosts productivity and prosperity. It plays a huge role in developing a society and providing cultural richness.

Why an educated human resource is the most important resource in a country?

Educated and skilled human resources know how to make the most of natural resources. They are trained to acquire skills to manage a nation’s resources. This is why it is the most important resource in a country and education is important in national development. Education plays an inevitable role in human development.

Role of Education in Human Resource Development

If you compare a person with a master’s degree to someone with just a high school diploma, then the chances of cracking the same interview are more for the former. Education not just helps you attain individual goals and flourish in your life, but it also helps you to understand the world in a better way.

We cannot deny that it is indeed a great resource to us. Education enlightens a person in several ways apart from helping him grab his dream job. It teaches us the basic principles and values of life.

Institutions play a huge role in equipping young people with skills that are needed for business houses. However, there is room for improvement and it can only be achieved if universities, companies, trade unions, and shareholders can reshape course offerings so that candidates can meet the evolving demands of the market.

Importance of human values in education

When it comes to human values in education, we cannot forget how they can shape the thoughts and actions of a child. This is the reason why educational institutions now give special focus on value-based education.

It helps students become more responsible and sensible and understand the perspective of life in a better way. Children can understand that a successful life is beyond being a good person. It also includes being a responsible citizen. Value-based education provides a positive direction to children to shape their future.

Needless to say, it also helps in character and personality development. It is essential for the holistic development of a child and this is the reason why parents must focus on value-based education.

With a predominant role in the modern world, education plays a key role in helping society. It is the pathway to success and is the biggest treasure one can achieve in a lifetime.

It promotes knowledge and awareness in the rural area and thus, the right to education is a fundamental right. Just like food, shelter, and clothing, education is necessary for a person’s life as it opens doors of employment and provides comfort.

It increases our intelligence and brings awareness to people. It helps you understand things better and questions them as well. The best weapon to remove poverty from society is education. From ethical values to paying attention to health, education also helps people stay away from superstitious beliefs.

Moreover, it has an immense contribution to the national development of the country. Do not forget that the nation depends on the thought processes of the youngsters. Without good political ideology and awareness, a nation cannot progress. The standard of living of citizens also depends on the level of education they are getting.


To wrap it up, the function of education cannot be denied in human life and societal development. We believe that with progress, we will be able to eradicate illiteracy altogether in the nation and move forward in the truest form.