In a globally charged environment, competency in wide range of capabilities is a necessity. Moreover it is not just enough to be highly skilled but at the same time have skills that are more relevant to the industry. This rigid dichotomy between the good to have and need to have is a challenge that many organizations have today.

To simplify the conundrum Poonam IT consulting services provide our clients with talent solutions that are customized as per the industry requirement and best practices.

What We Do

  • Design Hiring Plan and Execution based on Industry Relevant Skill Requirement
  • Chart out the Skill Matrix based on Industry Relevant Skill Requirement
  • Design and Develop Competency Based Programs
  • Employee Skill Building
  • Management Development Program
  • Design programs for succession and career progression through various in-basket exercises
  • Design leadership and behavioral programs for different tiers in the organization
  • Develop customized content for programs
  • Training Need Analysis