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How to tie up with companies for Recruitment is one of the very basic questions that usually people ask for. Recruitment Consultancies are gradually gaining popularity in hiring mainstream employees. An ever increasing number of companies are depending on the skill of a recruitment office for filling empty positions and ventures. Yet additionally an ever increasing number of newly listed companies are finding their way to these offices. 


Recruitment offices search for reasonable contenders for empty positions within a pool of companies. In view of an expected set of responsibilities they look for appropriate applicants through their site, organization, work fairs, places of work and online media. 

At the point when a Recruiting company has discovered a potential prospect, the company then proceeds with screening of the resume, qualification certificates, recommendation letter and other applicable information about the candidate. 

In the event that there is an expected match between the employee’s profile and the set of working responsibilities, the company will collaborate for a meeting to talk about the aptitudes and necessities of the candidate.

Recruitment Process

Things move further if the candidate has fulfilled all the requirements of the company. Post that the applicant would be called for an interview for further screening. In the interim the recruiter cautiously analyses the recruitment cycle. 

As the standard operating procedure progresses, the recruitment company then collaborates with the Recruitment Agency to proceed further.

Finding the Right Recruitment Company

It takes a lot of time, effort and additional costs to find the right candidate for your company. Recruitment planning can be done either by outsourcing the entire recruitment procedure or doing an in-house recruitment.

Recruitment companies on the other hand are efficient in finding the right talent. The entire goal of the Recruitment company is to facilitate by finding and hiring the top skilled employee for the company. 

It becomes very important to find the right recruitment company for your business. There are many recruitment agencies in India, who specialize in specific industry. So, it is always a good idea to find out what exactly the recruitment company offers. 

Advantages of Recruitment Company

  • End to End Support : Recruitment company is the one who communicates between an employer and an employee. They are the ones who help find different job vacancies and the right candidate for those vacancies. Recruitment companies keep a database of employees and their skills to easily find the skilled candidate which fits the company’s recruitment needs. This helps the employer as he gets end to end support from the Recruitment company. 
  • Quick Hiring Process: Getting in touch with a Recruitment company helps speed up the entire recruitment process. You as an employer, just have to provide the necessary skills that are required. Rest of the task is undertaken by the recruitment company within the deadline. As recruitment companies keep a huge database of skilled talents, you as an employer definitely get things done much quickly.
  • Best Quality Candidates: If you have got in touch with a reputed recruitment company, getting higher quality candidates is no big deal. Top class recruitment companies do have a pre-designed network of skill based employees. These employees are easily filtered by the recruitment companies to serve with the best quality candidates as per requirements.
  • Specialized Skilled Candidates: Recruitment companies are the best to tell you what is going on in the job market. They are the ones who deal with candidates day in and out. They are the best to let an employer know about specialized candidates. This helps the employer as he gets end to end support from the Recruitment company. 
  • Flexi or Temp Recruitment: If your company is looking for temporary staffing, then getting tied up with a recruitment agency is the best bet. Often companies in India look for temporary staffing during festive seasons in various sectors such as E-Commerce etc.  Temporary positions are a great way of fulfilling these kinds of requirements.

How to tie up with companies for Recruitment

How to tie up with Companies for Recruitment

A quick way to tie up with companies is by getting in touch with them through references of existing companies. Existing companies who are already availing Staffing services from recruitment companies can help you get more acquaintances. 

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