The Complete Guide to Recruiting for Start-ups

04-Jul-2015,Posted By :PITCS

Recruitment 2015

In most scenarios, the better known a company is, the more demand there seems to be by potential employees to work for that organization. The more demand there is to work for a firm, the easier time a staffing specialist has filling open jobs.

Any recruiter can staff employees for firms like Google and Microsoft. Not every recruiter can successfully recruit top employees for small business.

While headhunting for star


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Does Gender Bias Play a Role During an Interview in the Corporate World?

20-Feb-2015,Posted By :PITCS

Recruitment 2015

Whether we care to admit it, we all exercise personal biases on a daily basis; this is what makes us human. To deny the existence of natural biases would certainly be disingenuous. However, for many of us, these biases are minor and do not impact our macro decision-making capacities. Nevertheless, prejudice does, unfortunately, exist in every walk of life and can certainly impact each and every one o


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Recruitment 2015: Top 10 trends that will define talent matchmaking, hiring.

18-Feb-2015,Posted By :PITCS

Recruitment 2015

Matching jobs and candidates has gained hugely in importance and we list here the trends likely to dominate in 2015.

There would be increased focus on a nice candidate experience during recruitment process and enhanced employer branding to attract and retain talent.

In the jobs front, the year 2014 has been a noteworthy for India Inc, which showe

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