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PITCS, Poonam IT Consulting Services is an organization founded in 2006. We specialize in the provision of IT Services and human capital resource solutions. PITCS ranks among the best hr consulting firms in Bangalore by providing services in all the areas of HR. It includes staffing services, recruitment services, Flexi staffing services, temp staffing services and payroll compliance services. Other services include outsourcing, Training, Background Verification, Compliance, advisory and bulk manpower hiring across India. PITCS is a reliable job placement agency in Bangalore.

PITCS works on IT, Finance, Manufacturing, Start-Ups and Retail. The core focus is to deliver skilled professionals in different domains. It includes sales, BPO, LPO, KPO, Operation,  Finance, Banking, Insurance, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy, Software, Logistic, Hospitality, and Telecom. We help you in defining, designing and executing IT strategies which drive your business growth.



IT infrastructure and the business landscape is changing drastically over the last few years. A lot of technologies like Cloud computing, Mobility, Big data, Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence etc. has emerged recently. They have literally changed the world and the IT business environment. To sustain in the market, every company is trying to integrate these into their products by using various recruitment services. And thus there is heavy competition to hire the right talent who can work on these technologies. At the same time, the demand for the candidates is growing significantly.

PITCS is an IT consulting partner with well-defined strategies, innovative solutions and deep domain expertise. We turn these technology advances to competitive advantages for your company. PITCS is ranked as the best staffing companies in Bangalore because of our performance and our strategies which help businesses. These strategies and tips are focussed to reduce costs, drive your business growth and also create new revenue streams.

Poonam IT Consulting services take the big picture approach. We work with you regularly to learn about your business goals and vision. PITCS will focus on learning your IT environment, policies and skill requirements. And we use this data to develop short- or long-term strategies to achieve measurable results. The strategies are formulated by experts and through the best practices available.

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Poonam IT Consulting Services- PITCS 

Poonam IT consulting services also focus to reduce the risk of any mid-course corrections and we deliver more predictable outcomes. We follow a continuous Delivery principle. We employ a customized and pragmatic approach to help you advance your company. Some of our differentiators are provided below.

We facilitate and help in your decisions especially in IT investments. PITCS provides expertise in complex tools, technologies and processes. We are among the very few payroll management companies in Bangalore.

Our IT consultants advice based on the knowledge gathered from our experiments and the vast amount of their experiences. We share our in-depth field experience in Flexi staffing services, staffing services and temp staffing services.

PITCS group of institutions were awarded the best hr consulting firms in Bangalore. We provide deep expertise in staffing services and infrastructure management services.  Our consultants collaborate with the clients to deliver the hybrid-managed services to ensure efficient operations. And we also provide payroll compliance services which significantly reduce the cost incurred by the company. Thus, our dedicated team with niche skills, overall ownership, tailored support has raised us to be the top staffing companies in Bangalore.


    PITCS is an integrated IT solutions and HR Staffing service provider headquartered in Bangalore, India. Our offerings span across Software Services (Product Engineering, Application Development, Application Management, Mobile Application Development etc), Managed IT Services, Business Applications, HR Services.