Startups bring good energy and robust enthusiasm to the economy and sometimes create a leading product, services and jobs revolution. But for startups to sustain their energy and growth manpower with diverse skill sets is required. Startups entrepreneurs would be the first to accept that although they own the idea and have the drive they are lacking in other skills and solutions for areas such as marketing, finance, engineering, logistics, hiring for jobs and so on and so forth. At the same time recruitment for startups is challenging because the best of these, whether in India or overseas, take a while to establish their brand equity. 

How we do ?

Hence PITCS covers areas other than recruitment consultancy solutions to support start-ups in their quest for getting to the top in excellent time. Some of our services other than placement for jobs are: 

  • Brand Selling for Startups
  • Our top team to handle hiring for start ups
  • Market Research for checking on the viability of start-ups
  • Compensation Analysis for recruitment for the startups
  • Right talent for Startups

PITCS’s premier staffing solutions and recruitment consultancy for Start-ups helps in providing a platform for Start-ups companies to connect with the best talent in various industry verticals such as IT, FMCG, Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Durables, Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Oil and Gas, Power and Energy, Infrastructure, E-commerce, Manufacturing, BPO/ KPO, Engineering, Healthcare & Life sciences, Insurance, Not for Profit, Agro business, Education, Infrastructure, Media, Retail, Telecom and of course Start-ups within India and overseas. 

Staffing Challenge of a Start Up

  • Quickly evolving idea behind the business requires to be elaborated and executed quickly…but the start-up misses employees and has a lack of skills; it has to attract new employees quickly without a deep knowledge of the local job market
  • The pool of employees willing to accept risks and start working for the start-up is limited; they usually work for the start-up or develop products on themselves
  • The Start-up has the idea, but it has no skills to hire new employees. It has no on the job market, no one knows that the new company hires and has interesting job openings
  • Most Start-up founders have no clear idea what jobs they need to run the company successfully ... they look for universal soldiers, which are a scarce resource on the job market
  • The start-up company offers a lot of adventures, but it offers a lot of the uncertainty, as well.
  • Start Up company cannot use the benefits of the internal recruitment, it has to hire all new employees externally
  • Finally, it has no recruitment strategy and it has no knowledge of the best performing recruitment sources for the company

  • The recruitment strategy has a simple goal: To hire employees by the differentiation of the company on the job market, identifying the best recruitment sources and setting the basic recruitment processes
  • The company with an excellent recruitment strategy does hire quickly and picks the best talents from the job market
  • The strategy helps to choose the right recruitment source and the right communication style for such a source
  • The innovative recruitment strategy helps to build the unique pool of candidates the company can set its growth on

  • The start-up has no time to define the state-of- the-art recruitment strategy, it has to act quickly... it has its own style and way to announce vacancies
  • The start-up has to use the direct recruitment channels and sources, which impact and influence thousands of people to find those few exceptional, who are not worried to accept risks
  • Humor ... it is the best recruitment strategy for the new company; it has to spread info about the relaxed culture inside the company

High-touch support from our specialist team

Trust our team of recruitment specialists to make PITCS the backbone of your hiring. From helping you refine your search strategy to optimizing your engagement and leading all the way up to closing - we are here to help you achieve your goals quickly with proven best practices.