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How PITCS can help you?

Our range of services includes:
  • Recruitment & Staffing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)
  • Payroll & Compliance
  • HR Technology

Recruitment & Managed Service Solutions

Finding the right person for the right role is crucial to your organization’s performance.

At PITCS we offer you end-to-end recruitment solutions that multiply the power and productivity of your people. We provide a broad range of services, from targeted search to end-to-end Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

We specialize in Executive Search and Selection (permanent and contract / interim) to access the very best candidates for your senior and middle leadership, professional and technical positions. Our C-Level Search division, Talent Partners, specializes in appointments for the most senior leaders in your organization, including Board Members, Chief Executives and other C-Suite positions.

We are Asia Pacific’s leading provider of RPO solutions, where we manage your recruitment function, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our Employer Marketing teams are experts in building your Employer Value Proposition, and attracting and retaining the very best candidates in the market.

WHY PITCS Recruitment Services?

  • PITCS is a group of professionals, having professional experience with renowned corporate.
  • PITCS wide service network with highly qualified, experienced and committed delivering team is another advantage.
  • PITCS is headquartered in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, with a vision to have global presence very soon.
  • We make a promise to our customers - a promise to not only meet, but consistently exceed expectations.
  • PITCS strives to find the right fit - both in terms of skills as well as work culture.
  • PITCS team has the ability to conduct focused search for critical and key skill sets and positions.
  • PITCS also conducts customized online test as per client’s requirement.
  • Turnaround Time of 24 hours.

HR Services

Searching For the Candidate

We know where to locate the key people of your interest and how to generate their interest in your job opportunity. We work to ensure the perfect match.

Short Listing the Candidate

If required and on clients request, we conduct a full search for the best candidates for your open position and then interview & pre-qualify them. This round is taken by industry specialists as well as HR consultants to evaluate the candidate on dual criteria of professional knowledge (like professional expertise and employment goals) and individual fit in the prospective organization.

Efficient and Cost Effective Services

We provide a list of qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. By leveraging our world-class facilities, recruiters and advanced recruiting technology, we help you meet the recruiting goals from an investment that is lesser than the industrial average.

Online Test

PITCS provides online test facility for candidates to help companies screen candidates through technical or non-technical online test and get automated results.


  • PITCS team of consultants is dedicated to helping your company success fully achieve its business goals in today's dynamic environment.
  • We are completely process driven and ensure that we offer our clients the best candidates in the Fastest Turnaround Time & at the best Conversions Ratios.
  • We first study your requirements, undertake extensive research which helps us to map out the relevant industry, identify potential job seekers, create interest about your company and finally recommend interested and suitable profiles to you through a set, pre-defined process.
  • By tailoring our search to your unique needs we are able to shortlist the individual or team most capable of handling the challenges that lie ahead.

Temporary Staffing Service

  • PITCS temporary staffing services help employing organizations to meets the short-term needs.
  • Temporary staffing services helps companies fill in for positions made vacant by their absent employees or helps in supplementing the existing staff during times of high workload.

Long-Term Staffing / Project Staffing / Contract Staffing Services

  • PITCS provides skilled and trained professionals for a fixed or flexible contract period at Client locations.
  • This provides an opportunity for the client to control their head count and ensure in time recruitment for critical requirement avoiding the overheads of a full time employee.
  • On an average, we can present 10+ qualified applicants to close a single position.

Temp-to-Perm /Contract-to-hire Staffing services

  • PITCS also provides contract-to-hire services & helps a company to take an employee on a temporary basis for purpose of evaluation and should the employee meet their satisfactory requirements
  • After critical evaluation of consultants' capabilities and managerial skills while on the job, the client organization may decide on absorbing the team deputed on their project, under mutually accepted terms.
  • When you don't need to hire full-time experts in fields like development, database administration, project management, business analysis, ecommerce or network administration, contact PITCS to help you.

Executive Search

  • PITCS is dedicated towards the goal of finding the Best People- the ones who write the success of the company, for its clients for their most crucial positions.
  • PITCS has a dedicated team of professionals having experience of more than 10 years, dedicated for Executive Search Business.
  • We specialize in fulfilling the most critical and hard to source positions of the organizations like CEO's/ CTO's/ CFO's/ CIO's/ Country Heads/ Directors/ Vice Presidents & General Managers etc for almost all industries / domains (including IT, Telecom, Insurance, Retail, BPO, Banking, Auto, Power, Textile, Services, Consulting and other Manufacturing/ Engineering Industries etc).
  • Our strong network of head hunters validate the candidate's information and complete candidate profile with his/her job history.
  • We also help our clients in Negotiating and Designing compensation which puts both, the Employee and the Employer in “Win Win” Situation.
Database, Networks
Database, Networks

Candidates Matching
Candidates Matching
Follow-up / Feedback
Follow-up / Feedback

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

PITCS™ Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO’s) act as a company’s internal recruitment function for a portion, or the entire requirement. PITCS ™ manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of new employees. A properly managed RPO will improve a company’s route to market (contingency, high volume & search) company’s time to hire, increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, reduce cost and improve compliance.

This offering is designed for organizations with significant and consistent hiring needs. PITCS ™ parachute in an individual (or team) onsite. With experience gained, they have the ability and experience to completely integrate into your organization, understand your company culture, and develop lasting relationships with both hiring managers and candidates, in line with the agreed project plan and time lines.

This is most appropriate for a business going through start-up, relocation or period of expansion.

Your staffs are a vital component of your businesses success. Unfortunately, too many businesses get caught up in the processes. Searching for suitable talent, sifting through CVs,responding to candidates, arranging interviews and checking references are all very necessary but time-consuming and costly exercises. PITCS ™ Recruitment process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions reduce employers’ recruitment costs with a flexible ―pay-for-performance model that deploys recruitment process more efficiently when undertaking volume recruitment projects. Our RPO service provides customers with a dedicated on-site or off-site professional.

A. Service line –Overview:

This approach allows customers
  • Create a centralized and dedicated recruitment process for the business;
  • Define a leading sourcing strategy including Marketing and networking;
  • Flexibility when embarking on hiring projects;
  • Reduce risk when managing volume and executive staffing initiatives;
  • Remove administrative duties, including negotiation and contract formulation;
  • Focus on HR business issues and strategic activities.

B. Benefits to the Customer

  • Reduced cost-per-hire and time-to-hire;
  • Enhance direct recruitment marketing; particular emphasis on web initiatives;
  • Increased quality-of-hire;
  • Acquire the best talent in competitive marketplace;
  • Reduced attrition and improved retention rates;
  • Flexible recruitment costs allow you to manage budget effectively.

Our methodology:

A. A Strategic Approach for RPO Effectiveness and Business Impact:

Whether you are addressing select recruitment needs or require a complete enterprise RPO solution, a strategic recruitment capability is essential in an RPO partner. Deloitte provides the strategic approach you need to achieve business impact, applying a best-practice engagement methodology that spans key areas of activity, including:

  1. Analysis:
    • Determine Workforce Planning Strategy;
    • Assess Employment Brand;
    • Identify Gaps and Inefficiencies.
  2. Strategy:
    • Develop Recruitment Programs;
    • Set Project Timelines and Objectives;
    • Establish Project Team;
    • Establish Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators
  3. Deployment:
    • Initiate Change Management and Communication
    • Project Launch
  4. Execution
    • Manage Full-Lifecycle Recruitment
    • Manage Sourcing and Recruitment Programs.
  5. Performance Management:
    • Conduct Program Reviews;
    • Identify Optimization Opportunities;
    • Conduct Surveys and Communicate Results.

B. The benefits of using RPO service include:

  • Higher number of quality candidates identified quicker
  • Reduced time to recruit staff
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Removal of the administrative burdens of recruitment
  • Improved retention of staff
  • Mitigation of operational risks
  • Accessing the best available technology
  • Greater management buy-in to the recruitment process

C. Working with us as your single point of contact for all agency communication will help you to:

  • Reduce cold calls by up to70%
  • Reduce time spent on CV vetting by up to40%
  • Reduce time spent on interviews by up to30%
  • Reduce time spent on invoicing by up to75%
  • Reduce administration by up to 90%

D. Generally, where we deploy a team this would comprise:

  • Client Relationship Manager (CRM), who would be responsible for the engagement at a strategic level. The CRM would be supported by regional consultants.
  • Client Service Managers (PI SOLUTIONS’s), who would drive the recruitment process in each major location. They would also be responsible for quality management and adherence to a Service Level Agreement that would govern all aspects of the relationship
  • On-site Consultants, who deliver against the specific client requirements. In the event that the volumes of recruitment did not warrant additional consultants, the PI SOLUTIONS would be responsible for delivery. The delivery team is scalable, dependent on recruitment volumes and geographic locations.

Our Domain Specialization

We are specialized in following domains:
  • Information Technology
  • E-Commerce
  • Banking
  • Retail/FMCG
  • Media
  • BPO
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure and Engineering
  • Health Care
  • Hostel & Hospitality
specialized domains

Business insights built on logical data analysis promoting efficiency.

HR Technology in PITCS is an integrated suite of HR products that enhances a business’ ability to:

  • Attract, manage and retain talent
  • Get strategic business insights
  • Collaborate and engage at all levels

At PITCS, HR service offerings are integrated with technology to provide maximum value and greater satisfaction to our customers. Our technology platform is designed to deliver to a distributed workforce, automate repetitive transactional activities, and make real time data accessibility possible for all stakeholders. To make HR truly a business partner, an elaborate Business Intelligence System has been built to analyze and provide decision making data for greater ROI on human capital.

Our key differentiators

key differentiators

Enabling HR Transformation

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) is a strategic move that companies make to gain cost and time efficiencies, improve quality of HR as a function and relieve internal HR to focus on strategy. It is done by outsourcing part or whole of the HR process to a partner organization and is enabled by efficient processes and new technologies provided by the partner.

The world over, HR Outsourcing is shaping the future of HR. Traditionally HR has been a support function, but as organizations struggle to survive in competitive markets, the focus on performance and efficiency has grown manifold.


HR Outsourcing is not simply Business Process Outsourcing. It is in effect HR Transformation, as it results in a sea change in the culture, mindset and efficiency within an organization.

  • Cost Reduction: HR Outsourcing if done right translates into reduced cost of the outsourced business function.
  • High ROI: Companies investing in HRO get high value for every Rupee spent because of the business function expertise and better quality of the external provider.
  • Real-time access to skilled workforce: This includes lower initial investment and quicker set-up/integration of the outsourced business function.

Why outsource to PITCS

PITCS is the first mover in the Indian market in HR Outsourcing. Being the leaders and front movers, PIS has matured to an engagement model where PIS is able to bring business focus in performing HR related transactions.

HR Outsourcing

Accuracy and reliability in routine tasks; Helping you keep your employees happy;

Businesses are opting to outsource the payroll function to external business partners to enjoy flexibility and control of running payroll without allocating internal resources and achieving surprisingly lowered costs.

PITCS provides end-to-end services in Payroll & Compliance covering 21 different rules and regulations. We have PAN India coverage and our payroll team provides 99% accuracy and 100% SLA month on month. PITCS is able to process 100,000+ pay cheques every month. We also have a strong backup of technology and support the employees through web and phone queries.

PITCS offers a payroll service that is professional, efficient, flexible, confidential and secure. Our online payroll solution calculates and tracks employee salaries, wages, bonuses, tax withholding, and deductions. The software solution strengthens controls and provides enhanced data to meet reporting and analytical needs.

Employee Interface